Welcome to the Cooley capital markets blog, ingeniously and succinctly titled, CapitalXchange. Where ideas can be eponymously exchanged about capital markets, though mostly presented and, ideally, endured. It’s axiomatic that the world needs more blogs, and never more than now, and never more than those penned by corporate securities attorneys about capital markets. And, so, the clamoring heard, the restiveness acknowledged, here we are.

We will provide updates, materials and dispositions on market and industry trends, regulatory developments, rule changes, practice pointers and anything else we suspect may be helpful in a more comprehensive understanding of all things capital markets. We will strive to capture the business end of the bleeding edge of our fluid and evolving markets and the laws that dissect them, all of which sounds more violent than it really is. Edgy, but not macabre, is what we are saying. Stay tuned.