Month: July 2023

Pre-IPO Converts: What Late-Stage Private Companies Should Know

Our late-stage private company clients that are on the path to an IPO in the next 12 to 24 months will often ask us for guidance on “pre-IPO converts.” This article explains what a pre-IPO convert is and describes some of the main considerations in this type of transaction. What […]

Cooley Market Talks – Raising Capital or Going Public in Dynamic Times

Previously Recorded – Virtual Event Against the backdrop of an ever-changing capital markets landscape, Cooley’s Market Talks virtual series cuts through the noise and drills down on what you need to know about the current market. In the third installment of Market Talks, our panel of thought leaders discussed strategic […]

Top 10 Considerations for Management in a Continental European IPO

1. Share structure and cap table Depending on where your company is incorporated, dual- or multi-class voting structures may or may not be permitted. It is therefore important to determine early in the initial public offering (IPO) planning process whether your “home country” corporate law and applicable stock exchange listing […]