Month: September 2022

Navigating the Downturn: Biotech Financing Trends

This year, markets have exhibited volatility and general weakness across the board. We put together a discussion of trends in the biotech financing ecosystem and popular alternative vehicles for raising capital, including private investments in public equity (PIPEs) and registered direct offerings (RDOs).

Did the Inflation Reduction Act Create a SPAC Tax?

On August 16, 2022, House Resolution 5376, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), was signed into law. An August 11 Cooley client alert explains some of the tax provisions contained in the IRA, including the 1% excise tax on certain stock buybacks, which may impact special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) at […]

Webinar: Biotech Financing Environment and Deal Considerations

Against the backdrop of a prolonged global pandemic, international conflict and a shifting economic climate, the capital markets landscape is ever-changing. Cooley brings you a quarterly webinar series that cuts through the noise and drills down on what you need to know about the current market. Our inaugural webinar focuses […]

Board Diversity for Foreign Private Issuers: Does Board Diversity Mean the Same Thing Worldwide?

Now that Nasdaq’s board diversity matrix disclosure deadline has arrived, foreign private issuers (FPIs) and companies considering US initial public offerings are increasingly considering their current board makeups and director candidates in light of US and home country requirements, as well as expectations of investors and shareholder advocacy groups. The […]